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About Adala Studios?

We are a Kenyan game production company that develops digital and physical board games for both the local and international market. We are one of the winners of Chezo Gaming serious game competition in which DownStream - the H2O board game, was created.

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The DownStream story

DownStream lets you take an adventure with water. You play as water drops – as you compete to gain as much litres of water as possible while travelling to Lake Mwisho. As you navigate through Mwanzo town, you have to avoid bad luck, pollution and water wasting residents. You also have to keep answering questions and helping people on the way.

Why Downstream?

DownStream is the perfect family game that caters for both children and adults. It encourages responsible water usage in the home and community by educating the players on the water ecosystem, economical ways to use and conserve water while having fun. As a bonus, children studying the CBC and IGCSE grades 5 to 8 can use it as a fun educational tool to study and revise topics in their science syllabus that relate to the environment, water conservation and pollution.

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